TidyThemes‘ aim is to take back the website, take it back from a cookie-cutter place. WordPress is arguably the best way to build a website these days, we believe that to be 100% true. There are many great themes and resources out there. However, many of them have a few things in common:

Licensing restrictions, messy code, programmer comments everywhere, over the top designs that become less original every time someone uses that same theme and so on. That is why we created the best blank WordPress theme of all-time with over 100,000+ downloads.

BlankSlate (Free)
Boilerplate Blank WordPress Theme

You eventually feel like you’re piecing together a bunch of borrowed parts instead of truly designing your own unique website. We’re trying to change that with simple, clean and minimalist themes. Themes that use valid code, load fast, are SEO-friendly and rely on you to style and customize them yourself to your own specifications.

Our first free blank WordPress theme that is a product of those ideals is BlankSlate: 100% free | 100% open source | 100% no visual CSS styles added (forcing you to design something original from scratch) – Perfect for experienced developers and designers.

Our first premium theme stays true to the ideals we’ve set, but has a little more kick-start for beginners (but still loved by and useful to designers/developers). Our first premium theme is SuperSimple: 2 custom menus | 3 widgetized areas | base responsive CSS framework.

SuperSimple ($10)
the Framework

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