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TidyThemes‘ aim is to take back the website, take it back from a cookie-cutter place. WordPress is arguably the best way to build a website these days, we believe that to be 100% true. There are many great themes and resources out there. However, many of them have a few things in common:

Licensing restrictions, messy code, programmer comments everywhere, over the top designs that become less original every time someone uses that same theme and so on. That is why we created the best blank WordPress theme of all-time with over 100,000+ downloads.

BlankSlate (Free)
Boilerplate Blank WordPress Theme

You eventually feel like you’re piecing together a bunch of borrowed parts instead of truly designing your own unique website. We’re trying to change that with simple, clean and minimalist themes. Themes that use valid code, load fast, are SEO-friendly and rely on you to style and customize them yourself to your own specifications.

Our first free blank WordPress theme that is a product of those ideals is BlankSlate: 100% free | 100% open source | 100% no visual CSS styles added (forcing you to design something original from scratch) – Perfect for experienced developers and designers.

Help Articles

Want to Learn CSS?
Installing Themes: Important Note

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  • Matthew Selbst

    Hey guys,
    just wondering if you could help me.
    I recently bought a site using your
    blank slate theme, but have no idea how to code.
    All I need is to add a link to the homepage.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks 🙂

    • FcknDrrn

      Fom WP dashboard: Appearance > Menus and add, via checkbox, pages into the nav

      • Thanks..

      • Licensing restrictions, messy code, programmer comments everywhere, over the top designs that become less original every time someone uses that same theme and so on. That is why we created the best blank WordPress theme of all-time with over 100,000+ downloads.

    • thanks guys!

    • Should have a link to SuperSimple here on the home page and maybe the forum too.

    • Use HTML code in index.php file of your theme.

      • Will BlankSlate work well with Elementor Page Builder?

    • Why is BlankSlate theme messed up? I wanted to use it and can’t find a good downloadable version.

  • Should have a link to SuperSimple here on the home page and maybe the forum too.

  • Mike the Auld fella in Ireland

    I am trying to create a completely blank page. How do I remove the search box and the copyright line that appears on the blank slate theme

    • chrimbus

      Search box:
      In header.php remove this line:

      in footer.php remove this line:

      < ?php echo sprintf( __( '%1$s %2$s %3$s. All Rights Reserved.', 'blankslate' ), '©', date( 'Y' ), esc_html( get_bloginfo( 'name' ) ) ); echo sprintf( __( ' Theme By: %1$s.', 'blankslate' ), 'TidyThemes‘ ); ?>

      *Remove or replace the php code with your copyright info

  • Basic Blue Web Solutions

    What is the purpose of having all the CSS on one line? Do I edit it or can I remove it. Kinda hard to work through it all on one line. I am get the concept or the theme but maybe missing the concept of all this CSS on one line? Why do you recommend against child themes for blankslate? Would I not want to upgrade in future without rebuilding everything? Thanks,

  • Juan Carlos Carta

    Im using the Supersimple theme. How do I remove the menu and the copyright line that appears on all pages on the footer although uncheck the checkbox for footer menu in menu locations

  • Hip Striker

    Can somebody help me? I have had the same blank slate theme for 4 years and all of the sudden my website has gone to pure text. It is all jumbled and not the website that was programmed for me. Is their some type of update needed or quick code that needs to be inserted?

  • Felix Rimfrost

    Will BlankSlate work well with Elementor Page Builder?

  • Carl Wilson

    Hi I just updated Blankslate theme and it wrecks the site.

  • Xander

    Hey guys,
    I made a site using BlankSlade
    I thought I was ready until I looked to the website in another browser.
    I sucked in lay-out, all links worked!

    any suggestions for what I have to check for finding the problem?


  • Great website.

  • Just fresh dude

  • Tania Gaffney

    Why is BlankSlate theme messed up? I wanted to use it and can’t find a good downloadable version.

  • William Dugger

    Where is documentation? Am I supposed to look thru every php to figure out what php does what?

  • Useful. It is no fun stripping out unnecessary stuff from over bloated themes.; so this bare bones idea is very much needed.

  • Saszet Szilárd

    I was wondering what to do. On the page https://www.ravengalleryaspen.com/category/artists-2/ , and https://www.ravengalleryaspen.com/beginning-february-20th-species-novae-baldwin-guggisberg/ are two pages, and the sidebar has some issues. It goes above the footer? Any ideas how could I fix this? Thanks

  • Jeff Stein

    I used Blank Slate on my WordPress website and my home page looks terrible on Android and iphones. Looks fine on laptops and desktop computers. Everything is pushed to the left side. I called Godaddy.com and they told me that Blank Slate probably isn’t optimized for phones.
    Does anyone know of a workaround or plugin or anyway to fix this problem?

    • Vincent Roper

      Drop me an email will gladly fix problem for a low rate Vincent_Roper@yahoo.com

    • That’s the css problem. You need to fix the css. This is a blank theme anyway.

  • Tom Burton

    Hello TidyThemes,

    I’ve used BlankSlate for several WordPress projects and as a custom designer/developer with 22+ years experience I greatly appreciate your work.

    I’m wondering about how BlankSlate is aging though, especially with major changes to WordPress on the horizon. Has BlankSlate not been updated in so long simply because it hasn’t needed any updates, or have you abandoned keeping this theme compatible with current WP versions?

    I attempted registering for an account on your site though I never received the account activation email. Is anyone home?


  • Oh boy! I was frustrated with those messy WP themes. This one is really nice and clean. I am thinking to move my ecom store https://amyandrose.com from Shopify to WP in the beginning of January. Hope this theme + my custom coding + WooCommerce will help with the shift.

  • Thanks..

  • arhamjan

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  • Richard505050

    Okay, … once I’ve installed your blank template, how do I modify to get rid of all the text and search boxes you’ve included? I would like a truly BLANK template.

  • PrintableCalendar

    Super website with a great sharing and amazing stories is ur web.. please keep doing what u do now.. thanks to you, It’s a great sharing and really informative.. will keep following ur web. thanks to you and ur great website.

    May 2019 Calendar Printable

  • Hello, when you also install woocommerce, the comments for the customer review does not work? Any idea to fix this.=? Thanks.

  • Daniswara Digital Marketing So

    good themes for my blog sribucrative.com

  • You can even customize a printable calendar just the way you want it with our make a calendar feature. Want to see a whole year on a single page? We’ve got yearly calendars. Two months per page? We’ve got that too. A section for notes? Got it.

  • Richard505050

    The name of the theme is “BlankSlate”.
    But it’s not!
    Using Elementor, how do I get rid of all the ‘stuff’ you’ve put into the theme which makes it a “not-blank-slate” theme?

  • Val

    Hi – I created a landing page template but when I create a new page, there’s no Template dropdown menu for me to select the template. Blankslate displays only: Page attributes / parent / order — whereas I need it to display: Page attributes / parent / Template / order. Do you know how I can get the Template dropdown to display?

    I uploaded these 2 files via ftp: landpage.php and header-land.php. Landpage begins (inside the php brackets):

    Template Name: LandPage
    get_header( ‘land’ );

    I tried exiting wordpress and going back in but there is still NO template dropdown menu. I googled it but can’t find a solution. Thank you!

  • Sebastian Vasey

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  • Can i use Adsense in this theme. Please suggest me something.