Eight Secrets to Writing Blogs Fast

The faster that you can write high quality content, the quicker you can establish your blog. Having a high level of content on your website or blog has been proven to boost the numbers of hits you receive. In this …

Two Minute Guide to Writing Better Posts

Quality is the biggest thing that bloggers or website owners should keep in mind. If you are not a seasoned writer, or have experience in marketing, it can be a large challenge to produce intersting titles and fun to read …

Lots of Changes

We’ve gone through and dusted things off a bit, the changes:

– We’ve Retired the Affiliate Program

We were probably a bit overzealous in creating one in the first place for only one product, a $10 product. There were only …

SuperSimple 3.0 is Here!

We’ve completely and massively overhauled our popular WordPress theme framework.

What’s New?
The code quality has been completely revamped, cleaned up and improved. The theme is now fully translation-ready.

WARNINGIf you’re currently using older SuperSimple versions for projects,

1 for 1 Hundo Giveaway ($100)

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