Get the Right Hosting

Before you can even install WordPress and your theme you need to have a domain and hosting for them to reside.

1. We recommend seeing if your domain is available via Domain Tools.

2. We recommend registering your domain at the same time you signup for hosting via BlueHost, that comes at our very highest recommendation. Signup Now

It’s not just a recommendation, it is important what you use to whether your website will fully function properly, Linux and PHP5+ are very important.

Thanks, TidyThemes

  • Hello,

    I recently migrated my domains from Netfrms to BlueBird Internet Services. I hope they are the right hosting – they will be assisting set up – have already installed a basic WP template for (a non-profit foundation) and will soon be starting on a health tracking business.

    I’ve selected BlankSlate as the free WP template will ask them to install it for both – so I can completely customize it for both projects.

    I hope it can be possible to tap your learning resources for BlankSlate and how to build up the web site/blogs appropriate for my ventures.


    B. Maurene Whtie

  • Is this the hosting you’re using: ?

    As far as I can tell it supports WordPress, but I cannot vouch for the performance of this host.

    If you intend on having a lot of traffic to your website, 500mb storage space and 2gb of monthly bandwidth is not very much.

    As far as styling your site you’ll want to start here:

    Then as you have questions or need help please visit us in the support forum: