Lots of Changes

We’ve gone through and dusted things off a bit, the changes:

– We’ve Retired the Affiliate Program

We were probably a bit overzealous in creating one in the first place for only one product, a $10 product. There were only about a dozen affiliates, none of which were able to bring in any sales through its duration anyways. If there’s enough interest in its return, we’ll consider it. In any case, its removal was necessary because…

– We’ve Moved Over to Sellwire

Sellwire is easily the best place to sell digital goods online. Easy for us, easy for you and you’ll now be able to manage and download versions easier than ever before. We may also be looking into auto-updates.

– We’ve Updated the Forum Software

Looong overdue. Everything should have migrated over nicely, including all of your accounts. Be sure and comment below if you have any issue logging in.

Other/New Changes in 2013

We’re pretty happy with how much BlankSlate and SuperSimple have improved in version 3, but certainly more improvements to come. We don’t have a HUGE following for TidyThemes by any means, but the enthusiasm of just a few has kept us going.

Let us know if anything is broken, on the site or in the themes, let us know what improvements you’d like to see. We’d love to see more interest in keeping the project alive.

Thanks, TidyThemes