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For those that are unfamiliar with WordPress and themes and that are building their first website, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), the back-end where you login and make changes and add content and the theme (SuperSimple) is the design framework, the front-end that everyone sees that has been prepared for you to easily add your own styles, images and content.

Like most WordPress themes, SuperSimple provides many default features like supporting and displaying web pages, blogs and posts, forums etc all with tags and categories, search functionality and endless other features all websites should have. Where SuperSimple differs from most other themes is as follows:


SuperSimple is now responsive down to 320px wide screens from 1000px for mobile-friendly browsing (iPhone, iPad, Android etc). The design can also easily be altered from 1000px to 100% (full width) through one simple edit if desired.

Perfect GridNEW

The framework has been finely tuned into the most perfect all around grid possible by today’s web standards. 1000px total width, 960px viewable area, 640px content area and a 300px sidebar area. Perfect for all media and content, videos (YouTube, Vimeo and more usually look best at 640px wide), images and ads (many ads are 300px wide).

Quality Code

Very clean, valid, semi-minified, cross-browser-friendly, standards-compliant, fast and SEO-friendly minimalist HTML5/CSS code. Free of programmer comments and bloated options and other unnecessary elements.

Quality Design

Very clean and aesthetically pleasing design that meets popular standards and user-friendliness. Free of any images or overbearing branding or cookie-cutter elements. All elements of the design are meant to be as lightweight and friendly as possible for you to customize the CSS and add your own graphics. There is a very non-intrusive TidyThemes backlink in the footer that you’re free to remove.


Very friendly license and upgrade conditions. Once you’ve become a customer you’re free to use the theme on as many personal or client projects as you wish. Free upgrades for life.


Two custom menus. One main menu that is fully pure CSS only dropdown menu supported. And one footer menu for use such as links to Copyright, Privacy Policy information etc as is commonly used.


Three widgetized areas. The main sidebar widget area for common sidebar elements. The header widget area for perhaps ads (perfect for AdSense) or login, contact or social profile info. And finally the footer widget area for perhaps updates, statistics info etc. For those that might be unfamiliar with WordPress, widgetized areas coincide with plugins which allow thousands of advanced features to be added to your site with a few clicks of the mouse.

Page Templates

Three additional custom page templates, Sidebar Left, Sidebar None and Creative. Creative is perfect for intro, splash or landing pages. Creative is an entirely blank page canvas for you to add exactly what you wish.


We have expertise in not only WordPress, but theming, plugins, web and graphic design, SEO and marketing and more. We want to build a community that isn’t just about troubleshooting WordPress issues, but about building successful websites and businesses. Join now and help us build a community for mutual success.

SuperSimple demo here. | Purchase SuperSimple here.

Thanks, TidyThemes

  • Eric Poh


    Just curious, it says supersimple is responsive, but yet when i tested on my iPhone, it still looks the same as my laptop with 2 colums

  • It is responsive. The layout and content dynamically resize smaller to fit smaller screens like the iPhone without busting out of the sides.

    Responsive does not mean that the nature of the entire design will change in anyway other then the size responding to the size of the screen.

    In some themes this might mean actually changing the design itself into something else on an iPhone or iPad, but this is a framework. Things should stay consistent and relatively simple for developers/designers to add their own touches.


  • Perfect. Tried Blank Slate but it was a little too blank for me. SuperSimple is just right.

  • Jim Mueller

    I am designing my own website to share my writing, not to make a blog. I want to have a landing page that is image based containing scattered links to other pages (child pages?) with my writing. These child pages would be behind a paywall. Without too many twists and turns, can SuperSImple work for my application?