TidyThemes Seeking New Ownership

We’ve been very happy to see the success of our concept and methodology for theme development as well as the use of BlankSlate by designers and developers to create many new themes for the WordPress community.

TidyThemes is wholly sustainable, costs very little to maintain, is highly ranked and marketable, and has limitless potential for monetization. The only reason we’re looking to pass on the baton is because there are too many projects being juggled at the moment. It’s time to consolidate and focus time and energy on fewer projects.

If you’re interested in the industry of selling premium WordPress themes and plugins, this is an excellent jumpstart for that goal.

TidyThemes is listed on Flippa for auction:


Where you’re welcome to bid or make an offer.

Thank you, Bryan Hadaway (contact@tidythemes.com)

Important — Please rest-assured that until the sale is complete or if a sale never transpires, that TidyThemes, BlankSlate, and SuperSimple will continue to be updated and supported.