TidyThemes Sucks!

We’ve just released version 4.0 of both BlankSlate and SuperSimple after obsessing night after night over perfecting it.

It was hard to release it because frankly, we’re our own harshest critics and we’re never satisfied with our work, there’s ALWAYS something that can be improved.

But, more importantly, we’ve been listening to what developers and designers that use BlankSlate everyday have to say, and we also use it for our own projects so we couldn’t agree more with the facts. BlankSlate, while it’s always been the best and easiest to use WordPress theme boilerplate around, was still full of too much custom, superfluous junk code.


  • Removed as much custom code and strings as seemed beneficial, and left things vanilla and reliant on core where possible.
  • Removed features and files that felt redundant or like fluff.
  • Made pass after pass after pass refining the code for quality and consistency.
  • Greatly improved HTML5 structure.
  • Improved microformats and roles.
  • Made jQuery enqueued by default.
  • Added BlankSlate to GitHub!
  • Had the theme code privately audited by official WordPress admin Chip Bennett. (Full Disclosure – Because of this, Chip will not review or approve BlankSlate on wporg himself as to avoid any ethical dilemma of perceived preferential treatment, respectively.)

And for those of you that aren’t interested in the blah blah blah, have a look at the code changes directly.

Don’t forget, by default (since SuperSimple is built on top of BlankSlate), it’s received all the same improvements.

Help Us Improve the Code!

Since BlankSlate is a tool we all use, let’s improve it together.

There are two ways to help:

1. Actually submit code/changes/removals to the GitHub repo.

2. Engage in discussion below with your suggestions and tell us what sucks!

We want the code to improve as much, if not more than anyone, so let’s improve every aspect of the code, structure, HTML5, microformats, roles, core features, quality, consistency etc etc etc.

Couple Last Notes

– If you’ve been to our site before it probably hasn’t gotten by you that we’ve completely redesigned the whole site, what do you think?
– It should go without saying, but we’ll say it again and again, use caution and common sense when upgrading! If you’re a web designer/programmer in learning, please read this.

Thanks, TidyThemes

  • Philippe Gonyea

    Fun to work with, great learning tool. Could be WordPress related rather than Tidy, but I upgraded and WP still whines about me having version 3.3… Shucks. Just a minor annoyance really. Anyone else have that?

    • This might actually be an issue with WP 3.6 and/or .org at the moment because of some work/changes that are going on. We’ve heard similar issues with other themes across the WP community. We’ll let you know if we hear anything.

    • UPDATE – Confirmed. There’s definitely some maintenance and updates going on. Theme pages are visually different and you can see a new project is under way here: http://make.wordpress.org/ui/2013/08/20/thx38-first-meeting-summary/

  • I’m trying to organize my site and create a menu with categories. The set up is simple, but when I click on the different categories in the nav, the images don’t show up at all for the posts. I have a photography website and this is the most important thing on the site. Any ideas as to why images are showing up on posts at all?

  • Brian Kennedy

    Why not just provide a blank slate – your still has title and pages that I am unable to delette.